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Vegan and vegetarian — what is difference?

Without a doubt, everyone at least once in my life heard of vegetarians. And lately, more and more common a term as “vegan”. And for many it remains a question what the term “vegetarian” was shortened to “vegan” or “vegan” a new synonym for vegetarian, or is it something completely different? Vegan and vegetarian dietary… Read More »

Raw food diet: benefits and harms of trend style food

A raw food diet is quite a popular trend in healthy eating. It is often used by those who want to lose weight because of a low-cal menu, as well as those who are interested in different esoteric practices for better contact with your inner self. What are the benefits and dangers of raw food diet, read in… Read More »

The Dark Can Cause Insomnia

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you may be suffering from a condition which is more than simple insomnia. Without realizing it, you might suffer from a phobia of the dark. A new study presented at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Boston showed that some adults cannot sleep because… Read More »