Raw food diet: benefits and harms of trend style food

By | October 1, 2018

A raw food diet is quite a popular trend in healthy eating. It is often used by those who want to lose weight because of a low-cal menu, as well as those who are interested in different esoteric practices for better contact with your inner self. What are the benefits and dangers of raw food diet, read in our material.

The raw food diet is a diet exclusively of raw food, but rather vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereal. Fans of the raw food diet claim that this type of food – a real panacea. So, it eliminates many diseases and rejuvenates the body and gives you an incredible strength for life. In fact, all is not so rosy. Although the raw food diet has advantages, has not been canceled and cons. Before you begin on the road to switch exclusively to raw food, it is worth examining both the first and second column, and then make an informed decision.


Raw food there is no risk of overeating, the body receives only wholesome foods does not increase cholesterol and reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease. Themselves raw foodists add to this list freedom from disease: in particular, raw foodists rarely suffer from colds. In addition, supporters of the raw diet less sleep: for a complete holiday im missing about 5 hours of sleep. And, of course, not to mention weight loss. So, eating exclusively fruits and vegetables, people very quickly lose weight.

Raw foodists are divided into vegetarians (I admit the menu raw eggs and milk), vegans (eat only plant foods), carnivores (eat raw meat and fish) and fructans (eat only fruit, excluding root vegetables and grain).

The main philosophy of the raw food diet is that without heat treatment, the products retain all the useful components, thus being the most optimal diet for humans.

The first and main disadvantage of the raw food diet is the lack of a balanced income vitamins in the body. In fact, if you look, the human body needs nutrients from all food types. When you go raw in the first place there’s a lack of vitamin B, calcium and magnesium. Also the body lacks protein (if we talk about those raw foodists who eat only vegetarian food). In addition, due to the lack of the vitamin In a person can feel fatigue, lack of mood and even aggression.

Themselves raw foodists say that it is particularly difficult to adopt a new diet in the first six months, when the body only adapts to the raw power, still requiring the usual food. If you decide to become a raw-foodists, this stage is simply to survive.

By the way, the doctors prohibit the use of raw food diet for people with gastrointestinal problems, children and adolescents, and the elderly whose bodies are particularly acute need all the necessary elements for normal functioning.

The doctors say to get involved in the raw food diet can only those people who have already fathered children and has no plans to continue the race, because the formation of a full egg and sperm need animal fats. If they are not in the diet, there is great risk of infertility.